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Meet the New Command Chief

Chief Adam Vizi takes over as Command Chief at Ellsworth.  Article in Rapid City Journal below

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TACP to get Silver Star

Benjamin Hutchins to receive Silver Star Link to News

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TECH School Video

37th Training Video Link leads to facebook so if you are not a member (and live in a cave somewhere) it might not play

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Texas Communications Team is ready to save lives


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Phantom Scourge tests TACP tactics, techniques

Phantom Scourge

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Kill TV

Our brothers using kill tv in theater link

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Mike Malarsi and Exxon at Hood

News article with Mike on the O-Course

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Bow Your Heads, Ron Cerda has passed away

Ron Cerda

Ron Cerda Passed away yesterday. I met Ron in the early 80’s at Ft Carson Colorado and he was always there with a witty comment or kind word. He will be sorely missed in the community

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3rd ASOS on the 24hour Run


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A Journey to JTAC

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Text cut and pasted here for historical purposes….
SOLENZARA, Corsica – Senior Airman Tormod Lillekroken makes a joke to his teammate and flashes a smile to his teammate next to him as his eyes dart from the map in his hand to an old car about 500 meters in the distance. This is his target, and he’s attempting to pinpoint its exact location. Shielded by bushes on a high hill, he peeks through openings in the leaves to gather enough information to describe it to a pilot that he will soon be responsible for directing.

His pilot just checked in over the radio, and it’s like watching someone step into another world. All signs of joking have abandoned his face and you can almost feel the weight of responsibility he just took on...

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