Gregory Stone was killed on 03-22-2002

Gregory was killed in a grenade attack near the Iraq/Kuwait border prior to the invasion of Iraq. The individual that threw the grenade was a disgruntled US Army soldier who believed his actions would affect the outcome of the war. Another officer was killed in the attack. The individual in question was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in Ft Leavenworth Military Prison.

Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone, assigned to 124th Air Support Operations Squadron, Idaho Air National Guard, Boise; died of injuries suffered in a grenade attack March 22 near the Iraq-Kuwait border during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Major Stone was attached to the 101st Airborne when the attack happened. A disgruntled US soldier was charged with throwing the grenades that killed Stone and another officer. Most of Stone's family lives in the Portland area. He was survived by his former wife and two sons.

I knew Maj Stone for a brief time, in fact, I was training him and his team on the new digital software about 20 minutes before the grenade attack. We probably walked directly past the traitorous individual that initiated it. Maj Stone was dynamic and engaging and was 100% behind insuring his men were prepared for the fight. He made no bones about the important of combat readiness and not getting bogged down in process. His loss was an a blow to the 101st as well as the entire TACP community in theater and back home. He was there in spirit as we stormed the gates of Baghdad. (Charlie Heidal, MSgt Ret)

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