Brian Daly was killed 09-04-1996

Brian was killed during a HALO parachuting accident on Wednesday, 4 September 1996 at the Yuma Arizona Military Free Fall school. Preliminary information: Eyewitness accounting... Brian was performing a day jump with a student. Stored in his right thigh pocket on his jumpsuit was a beacon held on with the white dummy cord. This cord was attached to a cotton eyelet just above the pocket. Brian and the student fell stable to 4000ft where the Student is required to pull. The instructors continue another 1000ft. Instructor cadre jump with a civilian rig that employs a drogue chute. Brian grabed the drogue and deployed it. Looking back to clear the pocket he immediately realized that it was tangled up in the beacon lanyard. Brian cut away his main and deployed his reserve, which also got tangled up. Brian was found still gripping the lanyard trying to break it free of his suit. Brian had a Terminal building dedicated to him on March 27th 1999

Photos from the memorial for Brian.

Shadow Box on the wall of the building

Instructor Cadre in formation for the event

The front of the building. Plaque on the large rock is part of dedication

Luke Air Force Base Honor Guard posting the colors

LTC Carins (Commander of 2nd BN, 1st Special Warfare Training Group)

Brians daughter (lauren) on the left, parents (Pat and Barbara) on the right

LTC Carins shows lauren some of the equipment her father jumped with

Daughter lauren

LTC Carins showing Lauren inside of "Daly Special Operations Airborne Terminal" and the shadow box.

2 thoughts on “Brian Daly was killed 09-04-1996

  1. I knew Brian while I was stationed at Bitburg AB Germany 1983-1986. He and I went on a temporary duty (TDY) to Lahr AB in Southern Germany in 1986. It was a Canadian Base in Germany. While we were there he told me he wanted to cross train into the Army and fly helicopters.
    I ran into him 5 years later in Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia in the dining hall on our base at King Fahd. He told me he didn’t get to fly helicopters in the Army but was a Foward Air Controller in the Air Force. He served his Country with the utmost HONOR! I’m glad I was able to get to know him. Such a nice guy!

  2. Brian and I went to the same high school and we were in the same graduating class. He was everything in school, state champion wrestler and football stud. He always was one to help others and looked to do great things. While we were both in the Air Force and served in Desert Storm at the same time, we never crossed paths. After arriving in Arizona in August of 1996, i was crushed to find out he had passed. I have made the trip several times to see his memorial and makes me sad that I missed seeing this great warrior!

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