Bow your Heads

We lost a brother today in a motorcycle accident. He was a TACP at 122 ASOS. From Campbell to Stanley to Bragg in the late 90s to around 01. He had worked for the DOE and other contractors since he left the AF.  Details are pending on the service.


3 thoughts on “Bow your Heads

  1. Correction to this post; The individual pictured is a fellow brother of the 122 ASOS, Louisiana Air Guard; TSgt Kyle Paige who passed away on 10 November, 2017 from a pulmonary embolism. Kyle spent his entire TACP career with the 122nd ASOS and was also a Border Patrol Agent before he came on as a full-timer with the 122nd earlier this year.

    I believe the other individual who passed away on the 11th was Ira Walker who was formally at Campbell and Bragg. I didn’t know Ira but I knew Kyle pretty well.

    Nevertheless, we lost two bROMADs in one weekend, just wanted to clear up the confusion.


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