One thought on “PAST Test is only the Beginning

  1. My name is Robert Hamill, and i was a ROMAD from January 1978 through September 1983, going through the ROMAD training at Keesler AFB, MS in Biloxi, AGOS at Hurlburt Aux. Field #9, Eglin AFB, FL, Survival School, Fairchild AFB, WA. My first duty station was with the 1st Cav, Ft. Hood, TX for 18 months, then with the 2/48th Infantry Battalion, Coleman Kaserne, Gelnhausen, West Germany for three years. Enjoyed (almost) every minute of it, had to leave the service or get a divorce. i ended up doing both, became an excellent paralegal in Family Law/Bankruptcy here in Texas for thirty years. I was honored to wear the black beret, but the most honor was serving with others who helped to pave the way for the present day JTAC’s, who have made us proud. I’ll always stand tall when anyone asks what i did in, and for, the United States Air Force. Fly high.

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