Schoolhouse moves to Hurlburt

Keesler section of school moved to Hurlburt Field to consolidate. Air Training Command decides that the school at Hurlburt is capable of teaching survival skills. Pipeline to Fairchild is closed. School House NCOIC is MSgt James Nothstein

2 thoughts on “Schoolhouse moves to Hurlburt

  1. Charlie… Nothstein was not the “Schoolhouse NCOIC” at Hurlburt. First it was Bobby Mack, died last week, and I was NCOIC returning from Hawaii in June 82. I retired Nov 83.

    The pipeline to Survival School at Fairchild was closed and moved to Hurlburt because I submitted an AF Form 1000 (suggestion) and was ultimately awarded a check for $1000.00 for the suggestion. Set up a 5 mile day map and compass course and 3 mile night course as part of the NEW 27530 training course..

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