Bow Your Heads

We had a brother depart for the final rally point today. Brett Davidson at 19th ASOS. There is a fundly account set up here: Fundly

Update: The formal celebration of life will be this Saturday. Visitation at 1300 and funeral at 1600. McReynolds Nave & Larson. 1209 Madison St., Clarksville TN 37040 (913) 647-3371. Dress code is Full Service Dress. Retired is suit. If you are a TACP member in the local area please plan to show.

Bow your heads

Rick Olson passed away due to Cancer today. From Eric Harris : For those of you who were at CRC in 1982-83, TACP Rick Olson has succumbed to cancer. He left on his own terms and refused further treatment and only took palliative care. Rick played a mean guitar and the CRC NCO club and like we others, was run off the icy Korean winter roads by the fabled "blue kimchi truck." He got out after four and went on with a life in music and now rests in peace.