Attention all stations this net

All stations this net, all stations this net,
As of this morning, we have approximately 300 boxes of Christmas Cheer (@ close to 7200 lbs) en-route to our brothers in theater. Many thanks to the Elf Crew for making this happen and most especially to the Blue Star Mothers who pulled us across the finish line by sending 141 boxes. If you still want to send things over, please do, as some things are guaranteed to be lost or stolen along the way.

Charlie Heidal, MSgt (RET) USAF TACP
Elf coordination team

Message complete - OUT

Veterans Day

My brothers and Sisters of the Military. Thank you for your Service.

To the civilians that wander these pages, please take a moment today to say thank you to a Veteran, either in person, via a FaceBook posting or just a prayer. We still have people on the front lines, pushing back against terrorist organizations that would like nothing better than to come here and take away your rights to speak, assemble or practice your own religion. All of our members stand in the breech to keep out the evil that tries to enter your daily lives. Be they mechanics, pilots, clerks or bus drivers, everyone in our military has a part to play. As a Retired Joint Terminal Attack Controller I can easily stand up and say that I would be willing to once again pick up my rifle and put my life on the line to stand again in that breech to protect our way of life. It is not a job, it is our Honor to stand shoulder to shoulder against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

We. are. Veterans.

Charlie Heidal, MSgt (RET)
USAF TACP 1983-2006