Weapons School

To properly recognize our graduates of the advanced tactics course at the Weapons School, our men out there will now receive, and are authorized to wear the patch, just like officers do. News article link Funny thing here. In 2003 while I as at ACC/A8 we pitched something similar to the Chief of Staff and SECAF. I had a 4 star standing in front of me, finger in chest, saying it would be a cold day in hell when an enlisted man attended, much less graduated fighter weapons school. Hope Satan has a jacket.

OPM Hack stole our SF86 data…sigh…..

Thats right boys and girls. The bad guys have access to all that data you put on your SF86 to get your security clearance. So your parents, where you have lived and just about everything about you. Watch your financials as this could get ugly. I sincerely hope that the previous OPM leadership is hung up by their thumbs for letting their guard down with regards to the security of our data. Article HERE