Merry Christmas From ROMAD.COM

Greetings all, Merry Christmas to all my brothers out there, both at home kicked back, and in harms way. For those guys out there on the hairy edge, we have you in our hearts and prayers. From the almost 3000 lbs of sugar and cookies we shipped to you, hopefully you get home safely, not overweight and not in diabetic shock.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Charlie Heidal, MSgt, USAF RET

Xmas Elves

Greetings all, as you may be aware ROMAD.COM heads up the annual xmas elves box drive for the JTACs we have in theater. We just passed a major milestone today. 2500 lbs of goodies are heading into theater. Some has already arrived and alot more are on the way. Many thanks to the Blue Star Mothers and all the other personnel that supported our boys this year. I will post more information as it becomes available.