Medal Text

On Wednesday, February 19th, 2003, TSgt. Jackson, SRA Venable, and their Special Force Team, were enroute to their base camp returning from a combat mission. A SOF Team member AND SRA VENABLE were IN THE SECOND VEHICLE. Two other team members were IN THE THIRD VEHICLE. TSgt Jackson and a Team member were in the fourth vehicle. THE ROAD WAS COVERED in SNOW. When the trail they were on ended, THEY FOLLOWED A CUT THROUGH path, in order to RETURN TO THE PRIMARY road. THE FIRST TWO VEHICLES PASSED THROUGH WITHOUT INCIDENT. THE THIRD VEHICLE STRAYED SLIGHTLY OFF OF THE PREVIOUS VEHICLES TRACKS. A LARGE EXPLOSION ROCKED THE SURROUNDING area AND TSgt. JACKSON WITNESSED THE third VEHICLE JUMP INTO THE AIR AND RESETTLE in ruins. IT WAS CLEAR THAT THE RIGHT FRONT OF THE VEHICLE HAD SUSTAINED most OF THE DAMAGE. TSgt Jackson made an IMMEDIATE CALL FOR MEDEVAC support and took cover. Once he could not reach his primary contact, HE EXECUTED the alternate requesting method and sent the request. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE EXPLOSION, TWO SOF Team GUNNERS WENT INTO THE TURRETS AND DID A SWEEP, LOOKING FOR POTENTIAL PERSONNEL WHO COULD HAVE INITIATED THE MINE. HOWEVER, NO PERSONNEL or TRACKS WERE SEEN AND THIS PART OF THE ROAD IS NOT TRAVELLED OFTEN. The Team then REALIZED they WERE IN A MINEFIELD. Although he was already clear of the minefield, SRA VENABLE went back into the area, and was among THE FIRST personnel TO reach the injured. He assisted the other team members in rendering first aid. IT was CLEAR THAT MEDEVAC was necessary, AND a medical professional was needed ON SITE IMMEDIATELY. The injured personnel�s RIGHT FOOT WAS TRAUMATICALLY AMPUTATED and A DEEP GASH WAS evident just under HIS RIGHT EYE. When the patient BECAME COLD, they WRAPPED HIM IN A SLEEPING SYSTEM, and moved him into a vehicle WHERE IT WAS WARMER. This helped in preventing the patient from going into shock. THE MEDEVAC ARRIVED AND TRANSPORTED the injured to a medical facility. The immediate actions of TSgt. Jackson and SRA Venable led to the survival and evacuation of injured military personnel. While SRA Venable sacrificed his own safety, and went back into the minefield in order to rescue another member of his Team, TSgt. Jackson stayed in the danger area and called for the Medevac until he and the rest of his Team could exit the area safely. The selfless actions of TSgt. Jackson and SRA Venable reflect great credit on themselves, the Louisiana National Guard, and the United States Air Force.