Last Action Hero-e

Yes Movie Fans, we are on ABCCC, Gunships, Running with the Rangers and Special Forces, Have seen combat in almost all of the theaters, it was just a matter of time before we were "Discovered". Unlike other AFSC's that get photoed running towards a capsule with their berets on (Ever notice that the helo parked really close, but they seemed to run about a klick to get there?), our guys get historical parts.

This is a Korean movie about the Korean war. Several ROMADs were asked to participate. I dont think their names are going to show up on a billboard, but you never know. Dennis Rodman was a janitor at a Sports Arena before getting his start.

Captian Chaos! Eds standing with his feet apart because he towers over the other "Cast" members. Hey that nurse in the back is cute.
I have a boo-boo that needs looking at!

SSgt Crocker reherses his part as a "Sucking Chest wound" patient. "Aaahhhhh! Ooooohhhh!" Of course, this being a Korean War Movie it has to be an accurate representation of a historical battle...Whats that in the background? a UH-1?

A little know fact of the Korean war is that it was the testing ground for the new rank of Command Chief Master Private first Class as seen on Aderson's sleeve on the far right. Or maybe the costume guy has been taking a few nips from a bottle of Soju in the trailor?

Isint it odd that these guys dressed as medics have guns and not Medic bags?

Just reciently declassified is that Oakleys and Camelbacks were being tested during the Korean War. See All the neat stuff you learn in the movies. And all this time you thought it was just make believe!!