David Kubes was killed 09-27-1995

David was killed in an aircraft accident.

(information forwarded by Delmer Melton) Dave had been flying medical supplies in the Carolinas, taking turns with another pilot for the two routes. His partner had some trouble with one of the planes (a small twin engine) and Dave had to go pick him up and fly him home. The next day, the company mechanic was flown up to the disabled plane's location, fixed it and brought it back. Shortly after that Dave was flying the trouble plane and it started acting up again. He called it in and they made arrangements to pick him up. At the last minute, the boss was able to find a mechanic at the field where Dave was stranded. So, in a effort to save some air miles and a day's work, he had the local man work on the plane. The mechanic finished his work and gave Kubes the green light. Just as Dave was lifting off, the "repaired" engine stalled. In that precarious "point of no return" Dave could neither gain the needed altitude to maneuver, or abort the take-off. His craft crashed near the end of the runway. He was killed outright. September 27, 1995, Spartanburg, SC. Dave is survived by his wife Alexis.