Provide Promise

Operation Provide Promise Support to the United Nations in Yugoslavia. Mission continued Until 1996

Below are listed some of the personnel that participated in Operation Provide Promise : (in Alphabetical Order)

Phil Bell
James Burt
Russ Carpenter
Kris Engel (August – November)
Terry Headen
Phil Gaudette
Aaron Gibbs
Juan Hernandez
Lamar McGuire Jr
Kyle Neal
Chris Morgan
Waymon Perry
Charles Tacy
Tony Washington

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The mission consisted of supporting the C-130 Airland and Airdrops into the BiH operational theater. Supplying required food and supplies to civilian and UN military units. The Airdrops originated out of Rhein Main Airbase (Multiple C-130 squadrons participated) and Flew into Sarajevo Airport for the Airland missions and other locations for the Airdrops. The primary mission of the TACP members was TACSAT communications. We would hand carry an LST-5, KY-57, power supply and Hatch Mount SATCOM Antenna to the aircraft and Install it prior to departure. We would then monitor and be the vital Air to Ground link for specific mission info, Wheels Up, Feet Wet, Feet Dry, And other calls. The TACSATs were also there to provide reception of any last minute Abort mission calls.