Operation PineApple Head

Details of Operations In Panama

After trying to get the problems in Panama fixed using political measures George Bush instead decided to use Military force to correct the situation. The buildup of forces on Howard Air Force Base did not go un-noticed however and Noreaga was somewhat prepared for what happened next. Early in the morning, 2 F-117 Stealth fighters dropped 2000lb bombs near the barracks at Rio Hauto. Awakening every soldier within 5 miles. A few minutes later 13 C-130s carrying 2nd Battalion 75 Rangers crossed over the leading edge of Rio Hauto at 490 feet. Bill Pollack , Blaine Brost , James Felton and John Lowry put their knees into the breeze in support of the Rangers. Now that everyone was awake, the Rangers were greeted with ZPU-4 and heavy small arms fire. Exiting that low means that you don’t have alot of “hang” time and are on the ground pretty quick. As soon as they were on the ground, they were on the radios to Specter to get some of the small arms cleared. Strewn all over the place was tons of equipment and ordnance. During the flight to the DZ, the rangers were issued every lethal object they could get to their soldiers. Once on the ground, they quickly realized that the Ding Bats (Dignitary Brigades) were no match for US firepower and started dumping equipment to catch up to the fleeing enemy. {more to come. Ran out of available information}