CCT Cuts 304 Slots

CCT cuts 304 slots. Those ROMADs are flipped to 272s
Black Berets authorized for wear by TACP members. Guidelines for the crest was the Major Command symbol. Of course everything from Jump wings to scuba bubbles were worn.
ETAC program being looked at. Personnel were sent to Hurlburt Field for AGOS (Air Ground Operations School) training to see how they stacked up academically. They passed. Later that year the same personnel were sent through a 507th wing sponsored class at the 21st TASS. Alternating between flying right seat in the O-1 (Pictured Below)and controlling CAS on the ground.

School house 1st NCOIC was Bobby Mack . The Cadre at AGOS consisted of the “Nasty Nine” Bobby Mack , Loren Thurman , Lance Heaton , Ricardo Soria , Lacey Foley , Walden, Norm Moss , Humphries, Donny Tomlinson and John O’Rourke .