505th TCMS

The 505th TCMS had its original beginning in March 1964 when a section of the 2nd Air Division, then known as Contingency Communications Operations, began to undergo a drastic revision. Instead of merely providing a few radio operators at permanent locations, and occasional deployment of Mobil Radio Communications teams to provide for recovery operations, rescue work and some Air Force participation in Vietnamese Army operations, a Direct Air Request NET was established. Radio operators and equipment were provided at various Vietnamese military echelons to establish a Direct Air Request NET in support of USAF Air Liaison Officers (ALO’s) and Forward Air Controllers (FAC’s) who provide tactical air request support for the Vietnamese Army. Twenty-nine AN/PRC-47 HF SSB radio sets, fifty (50) AN/PRC-41 UHF radio sets, forty-two (42) AN/PRC-25 FM radio sets, forty (40) KWM-2! HF SSB radio sets and an initial group of TDY radio operators constituted the beginning of the Direct Air Request NET.