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Guess who is buying beer today!

COLTHART, HOBRECHT and VIZI. Our newest Chiefs. Congrats guys….now where is the bar?!

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2014 ACC TACP Award Winners

A1C Raymond Losano Tactical Air Control Party of the Year: SSgt Robert V. Atkinson, 14 ASOS, Pope AAF NC

SSgt Jacob Frazier TACP Joint Terminal Attack Controller of the Year: TSgt Zachary D. Atkinson, 14 ASOS, Pope AAF NC

Fighter Duty Technician of the Year: TSgt Jerry L. Pleasant, 682 ASOS, Pope AAF NC

Major Gregory Stone Air Liaison Officer of the Year: Capt Daniel B. Huhmann, 19 ASOS, Fort Campbell KY

Fighter Duty Officer of the Year: Capt Sean L. Haydo, 10 ASOS, Fort Riley KS

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Tommy Receives his Second Silver Star

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TACP Association Standing with our Guys

The TACP Association has formally stood up to challenge the decision to delete the A-10 TACP Association Article

Article Two USAF Misleading Congress

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147th ASOS Texas Air National Guard performing tryouts

Want to try to stand, and not fall by they wayside. Downlink this pdf and heed the instructions PDF HERE

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Pope airman to receive second Silver Star

Pope airman to receive second Silver Star Way to go Tommy

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Etched Glasses

Check these out! Made by a friend of the community
etched glasses
Visit for more information

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