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Jason Faley was killed on 03-12-2001

Jason was killed while performing Night CAS operations on Udairi Range in Kuwait on 12 March 01. Jason was laid to rest near Nashville TN. A Navy FA-18 dropped 2 MK-82s on the OP. The investigation results are HERE. Jason is survived by his one year old son Andrew and his wife Shannon.

Running Log from ROMAD.COM
March 12 2001 We have lost a brother. 12 March 01 at 1130 Eastern Time, while performing night CAS training in Kuwait. Jason Faley was killed. Also involved in the accident was Tim Crusing. Tim, although badly injured, is in stable condition in a Kuwaiti hospital and should recover completely...

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Udari Accident

Navy FA-18s Drop 3xMK-82s on OP10 in Kuwait killing Jason Faley and seriously injuring Timothy Crusing.

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