Monthly Archives May 1998

ETACs pave way for close air support

by Master Sgt. Russ Maheras
51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

CAMP CASEY, South Korea (AFNS) — When bomb-laden Air Force jets roar into the smoke and confusion of the combat arena to provide close air support to friendly forces, everyone knows it is the pilots who have their fingers on the trigger.

But what many people don’t realize, is that the “sights” and “safety” of the pilot’s awesome weapon is usually in the hands of another Air Force person hidden somewhere on the ground below — an enlisted terminal attack controller.

A large cadre of these ETACs, and apprentices called tactical air command and control specialists, are assigned to three detachments belonging to Osan’s 604th Air Support Operations Squadron, a geographically separated unit which operates out of the U.S...

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