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Desert Thunder

Desert Thunder By SSgt Szczepaniak
The annual “DESERT FALL FLING” starts once again, by January 1998 heated words are exchanged. Late January 98′ 5th Special Forces Group is alerted for deployment to Kuwait. 5th SFG SOF TACP (SSgt James Price at Ft Campbell / MSgt Chris Brewer is already in country) is told to prepare for deployment, 22nd ASOF (Ft Bragg) receives request from US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) for additional SOF TACP support. MSgt Mark Lutz (3rd SFG) and SSgt Greg Szczepaniak (7th SFG) are told they will leave in the morning to link up with SSgt Price at Ft Campbell. The SOF TACP’s are assigned to an A-TEAM making them unlucky man #13. Team training and integration is conducted over the next week and a half...

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