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Operation Vigilant Warrior

Operation Vigilant Warrior By SSgt Szczepaniak

Iraq starts to marshal its troops. I believe the first week of October, Iraq moves four armored divisions South towards Kuwait. The American response: The IRC from 1st BDE 24th Mech( later to be changed in 1996 to 3rd ID), Ft Stewart GA is alerted and is given its movement orders. Two TACP’s are to go with them ( I think it was Ssgt Tom Savage and Sra Jim Harnish ). Within the hour the entire 15th ASOS and the 24th Mech is recalled. 1st BDE is the DRF and is told it will deploy to Kuwait. MSgt Bruce Voight is the 1st BDE TACP NCOIC. He is told that a small BDE HQ element will deploy with the DRB within the next 24 hours...

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