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Robert “Caseman” Case passed away 01-12-1994

Robert committed suicide at Ft Knox Ky December 94

Comment by Andrew J Holloway: Memorial Day 2005 I made a hike in memory of Sgt. Robert L. Case (Caseman). It gave me time to remember the many great times I had with him as well as how dedicated a ROMAD he was. He didn’t care much for Officers or high ranking enlisted who cared more about the politics of our career field than the man in the field. I spent time with Caseman on many different missions. I traveled this country with him from the dust bowl and playing fields of NTC to AOA operations in Upper Wisconsin and Royal Maritime exercises in Canada. He was the type of Man that inspired Love for our Country and dedication to our field...

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Ronald Tafini was killed 01-08-1994

Ronald was killed in a motorcycle accident the night prior to his wedding

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Todd Kessler passed away 01-01-1994

Todd was coming back from a fishing trip in California alone, when he ran off the road and was killed instantly.

From Dennis Wise
For some of the younger bros in the career field who may not remember or know, the litho at the very top of your page was done a few years back when I was down at the schoolhouse. The guy with the handset is a very near and dear person to me and to all of us who served with him.

I was recently at a memorial day celebration here in Hawaii honoring veterans and fallen comrades and sponsored by the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club (lively old bunch I might add). Not long afterwards I visited your page, as I often do, and happened to notice the pic of Todd.

Todd Kessler was a little dude. Kind of quiet, balding prematurely, with a tidy 35-10 moustache...

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