Monthly Archives December 1966

Note from Jim Meade (Tangerine 31 1965-1966)

During the period 1961 to late 64 all of the personnel performing ROMAD type work were either CCT or TDY Radio Operators (293X0’s) from the 1st Mob Comm Sq/Gp in Japan and at Clark, or from TAC units in the U.S. In mid early to mid 64 the CSAF came up with the plan (“Project Packrat”) to replace all TDY Radio Operators with volunteers for PCS assignments to VN. The volunteers to be selected were to be CAFSC (Control Air Force Specialty Code) 29350/70, E4 or above, over 4 years service, single, no dependents. Assignment to VN was predicated on passing a class 3 flying physical and completion of Aircrew Survival Training School at Stead AFB Nevada...

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