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6132 Tactical Air Control Group Activated

6132nd Tactical Air Control Group Activates. All TACPs in country (Korea) coordinate through this element. Existing doctrine specified no set number or allocation of TACPs, so their operations would depend on the need for CAS. In Korea, TACPs were allocated one to each US Infantry regiment and higher unit headquarters, and to each ROK division and corps

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Bird Hensley was listed as killed in Action 07-11-1950

Bird is believed to have been captured or killed by North Korean forces during the 1950s. Here is an excerpt from “The US Air Force In Korea 1950-1953” …Later that day, while moving north from a regimental command post at Chochiwon toward the front lines, Lt. Philip J. Pugliese and his party were cut off by a North Korean road block. They destroyed their equipment and dispersed to walk out, but two of the airmen—S/Sgt. Bird Hensley and Pfc. Edward R. Logston—never returned to friendly territory. UPDATE: It is believed that Bird died while on a road march into north korea

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