TACPs in the Press

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2012-05-16 Keesler in the Running as new location for TACP School house
2012-05-15 Candidate locations for New TACP School House
2012-05-09 Grayling Aerial Gunnery Range helps keep pilots ground troops on target
2011-11-16 8th ASOS Trains with Slovenian TACPs
2011-11-16 Joint Jumpmasters Soar in the Sky with Bulgarian Armed Forces
2011-11-14 Close Air Support Protects Coalition forces
2011-08-29 JTAC, Shot, keeps calling in Close Air Support
2011 July-August Airmans Magazine The Lone Ranger
2011-07-13 JTACs Support Exercise Mountain Fury
2011-07-05 JTACs Guide Air Strikes
2011-06-23 From CAS to Class…of 2015
2011-06-16 Air Force, Army Sharpen Combat Capabilities during Northern Edge 2011
2011-05-03 31st FW Airmen participate in Electronics expo
2011-03-25 TACP FTX Week
2011-03-15 4th ASOS leads joint pre-deployment exercise
2011-01-19 Ramstein ASOS building
2011-01-19 Falcon 86 Begins Training
2011-01-19 JTAC Receives Purple Heart
2010-12-12 TACP operators, F-16 pilots reunite to share war stories

2010-05-26 AF News – Memorial
2010-05-26 Emerald Coast news article – Memorial
2010-05-26 Hurlburt Field AF News – TACPs prepare for memorial
2010-05-26 AFCENT Public affairs – World Wide Memorial

2009-12-29 Georgia Air Guard Teams with Army unit in Afghanistan STORY

2009-11-30 Airmen provide ground forces airpower in Afghanistan STORY

2009-09-16 First Enlisted to Officer Air Liaison officers receive Air Force Commissions STORY

2009 Gunfight and Airstrike in Korengal Valley STORY
2009 Gunfight and Airstrike in Korengal Valley II STORY

2009 Bronze Star Medal Presentation STORY

2009-08-20 5 NATO countries take part in jump week STORY

2009-08-12 Top Enlisted Airman Visits Joint Service Members at Ft Bliss STORY

2009-07-08 113th ASOS Airmen excel in training STORY

2009-07-01 TACP community dedicates memorial

2009-07-01 OPFOR creates realistic battlefield sights, sounds AF News

2009-07-02 Romads Train with Army to Become JTACs AF News

2009-06-23 Command, Control relationships critical to close air support mission STORY

2009-06-19 Cadets get upclose view of Aviano, 8th ASOS STORY

2009-05-19 Airmen support Soldiers by putting bombs on targets

2009 May ALO Careerfield Article in AF Times

2009 Forward Air Controllers Prepare for war part III STORY

2009 Forward Air Controllers Prepare for war part II STORY

2009 Forward Air Controllers Prepare for war STORY

2009 Last Raid Before Graduation STORY

2009-4-30 122nd Air Support Operations Squadron Hero STORY

2009 April 15, A-10 Suppresses hostile fire STORY

2009 April 14, Airmen Synchronize airpower with soldiers STORY

2009 April, Smokey Hill News Story Story

2009 April 1, ALO Commands new unit combat unit STORY

2009 505th Command and Control WIng Airmen selected to visit with legislators STORY

2009 Pope AFB Wingman of the Week STORY

2009 Feb Airmen demonstrate JTAC training and equipment for Congress STORY

2009 Feb 21 Airpower Summary: JTACs ensure mission success STORY

January 2009, ALO of the Year Story

December 2008 TACPs Provide Vital Link Between Pilots and Ground Troops STORY

2008-12-16 Airmen from 111th ASOS Train in the UK STORY

Feb 29 2008 5th ASOS Airman Captures Award Story

January 2008 Tactical Life Story by Christian Sheperd.

July 2007, JTACS train to put Wolf Pack bombs on target Story

2007 November 14 Air Force Link – Not just Another day at the office

2007 July 18 Controllers Train to put bombs on target AF.MIL News

2007 July 6 Controllers Call in air strike to disrupt enemy

2007 Portraits in Courage "Airmen in the fight" PortraitsInCourage1.pdf

2007 March 23  Wingman of the Week  SSgt Joshua Andrews 14 ASOS

2006 12 Outstanding Airmen.  Bishop is a TACP Earl Covel is on the list

1006 December 11 Injured TACP feels lucky to serve Article on DelToro

Where did Dave Goggins Get to? Well he’s a Seal now in San Diego Radio Interview

— His Website davidgoggins.com

— Navy Seal Goggins Trains in the Desert YouTube

2006/12/4 Pope NCO Receives Purple Hearthttp://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123033780.

2006/12/03 Atlantic Strike III provides realistic deployment training http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123018330

2006/11/09Air Force sergeant earns Bronze Star http://mywebtimes.com/ottnews/archives/ottawa/display.php?id=278516

2006/10/29 170 Captured Francis Lott story on enemy capture

2006/10/13 TACP Training http://www2.hurlburt.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123029059

2006/10/4 Air Warrior transforms into new Green Flag http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123028387

2006/08/03 Airmen provide key support to Soldiers during firefight http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123024523

2006/06/23 Chief of staff presents sergeant (Del Toro) with Purple Heart Medal http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?storyID=123022376

2004/02/25 Soldiers Soar Over Iraq Fayetteville Observer

2004/4/5 JTAC Airman vital in war onterrorism

Green Berets Take on Spy Duties – Washington Post photo is Max Porras

2004/1/20 Tactical Air Controllers Standing Strong – AF Link

2004/1/23 Forcesprepare for Yama Sakura– AF Link


AETCTorch  Visit to the Techschool

AFA Magazine "Controllers" Sept 2003

2003 July 28 AFTimes AFA Team of the Year and Iraq Article

2003 July 23 Seeing the Sites

2003 July 21 Whalen Wounded

ControllersBring Versatility Fayetteville (NC) Observer

2003 June 12 Showdown with IraqSan Antonio News

2003 Mar-April
Field Artillery MagazineArticle from 101st Airborne ALO

Airman Practice helping pilots spot targets Fayetville Observer Jan 17

3 Personnel awarded Silver Stars by SECAF

Airman Magazine May 2002 (airmanmagazine