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Website and Server Upgrade

Over the next few days ROMAD.COM with be going through a complete server and page upgrade. Something for me to do while getting smashed on spiked nogg. You will notice some broken things of course as I go through and do a general clean up. Let me know if you see any glaring crashes and such.


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Roger Fuchs passed away (unknown date) Anyone Know when?

Roger died from Cancer sometime in the mid to late 80’s.

From Ben Johnson: Roger Fuchs ended his career at Ft Lewis Washington and not long afterwards died of various cancers. Im am not sure but I believe he retired around 1984/85 and died a few years later

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Rickey Heppart passed away (Unknown)

Rickey is believed to have passed away in a vehicle accident near Albany Ga

Comment from James Benito: I was stationed with Ricky at Ft Hood when he Died. He was in 1st Cav, 1st Brigade. The NCOIC was TSgt Robin Kirksey. The died around 1985-1986 in a car accident while on leave in georgia visiting family and friends. From what I recall the car went off the road and he was thrown from the vehicle

Comment from Jerry Breckheimer: The details shared are nearly spot on… though I’m fairly certain Ricky’s death was in 87′ (I was at FT Hood with Ricky… knowing I was still in H.S. in 85′ & 86′ has be believing he passed in 87′).
~ Ricky always made me laugh… hell of a guy! ~

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Gerald Smith Passed away (Unknown Date)

Gerald was a 1960’s era ROMAD with 4 tours in Vietnam. He died of heart failure. If anyone has a photo or details of when Gerald passed please email me

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John Barry Passed away (Unknown Date)

John was a TACP member with the 11th CAV during 1966-1967. Unknown cause of death. Unknown date of death

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Ed Drewery Passed Away (Unknown Date)

Ed ‘s actual date of passing and reasoning are not currently known. If anyone has any details please let me know

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146th ASOS doing a Firepower Demo

Firepower Demonstration by Air Force Tech. Sgt. Fred Moreton and Air Force Staff Sgt. Justin Davis from the 146th ASOS

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Blending Blue and Green

Blending Blue and Green Article

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JTAC Brothers

JTAC Brothers video

And the article that supports the video is here

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