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Last Action Hero-e

Yes Movie Fans, we are on ABCCC, Gunships, Running with the Rangers and Special Forces, Have seen combat in almost all of the theaters, it was just a matter of time before we were “Discovered”. Unlike other AFSC’s that get photoed running towards a capsule with their berets on (Ever notice that the helo parked really close, but they seemed to run about a klick to get there?), our guys get historical parts.

This is a Korean movie about the Korean war. Several ROMADs were asked to participate. I dont think their names are going to show up on a billboard, but you never know. Dennis Rodman was a janitor at a Sports Arena before getting his start.

Captian Chaos! Eds standing with his feet apart because he towers over the other “Cast” members. Hey that nurse in the back is cute.
I have a boo-bo...

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The Terminators

Airman Magazine
I’m guessing on the publication date here. If anyone can find the original article let me know.

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Michael Brooks passed away on 12-02-1998

Michael lost the fight with pancreatic cancer. He was laid to rest in the Caraway Cemetery next to his father

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