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Knees in the Breeze

0536 Ranger TOC jumps into DZ Fury
October 25 0630 A and B Companys Jump into DZ Fury.

Details of Urgent Fury The 1st Battalion (Ranger) Mission was to seize the airfield at Point Salinas on the southwest tip of the island. They departed in a string of Seven C-130s. 1st Bn TACP personnel were assigned as follows : Tsgt Robert Scott was the FAC for Alpha Company and was aboard aircraft number two. Maj Jim Roper (ALO), was with the Tactical Operation Center (TOC) on aircraft number three along with MSgt Bob Kelly (CCT). TSgt Lance Heaton (A last minute replacement for Bo Kibler ) was on another aircraft (Which One?) was the Bravo Company FAC. Maj Marshall Applegate was on Aircraft Number 5 with the Backup TOC...

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Rangers Depart Hunter AAF

2100 Rangers take off from Hunter AAF

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Urgent Fury Kicked off

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