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First class through the school

SMSgt Calderson is placed in charge of School. Known Cadre at Keesler AFB for first couple of classes is: Art Fowler , Archie Brown , Al Mayott .
The first Class to graduate from the formalized school was : Cecil Howser , Gene Chan , Charles Macgill , Kyle Melton , HR Williams , William Norris and Erin Bullman . Note: The class started with 7 but one was a conscience objector.

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Notes from Al Mayott

Some Personal Recollections from Al Mayott
275X0 Career Field History

A 507th TAIRCW/Air Training Command Perspective
Written by Al Mayott

In the summer of 1974, I rotated from a communications squadron in Thailand (as a 304X4) to the 507 Tactical Air Control Wing (TAIRCW), Shaw AFB, SC. Being a TSgt., the only available slot for me was in the Stan/Eval shop as a ROMAD Stan/Eval. At that time I couldn’t spell ROMAD. I had no idea what a ROMAD was or what he did. Regardless, this was the job I was given. I was tasked to develop a ROMAD Stan/Eval program for all the ROMADs assigned to the wing and randomly evaluate some of them. This, in itself, was a strong case for a new ROMAD career field.
In the summer of 1975, Col...

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