Monthly Archives December 1967

Personal recollections by Bobby Mack

Bobby W. Mack, Msgt USAF (Ret)

My first experience with the Radio Operator Maintainer and Driver (ROMAD) job was in January 1967. I had transferred from the 351st Comm. Squadron, Whiteman AFB, Missouri to Ton Son Nut Air Base, Saigon, RVN on December 25, 1966. “Merry Christmas. Welcome to Vietnam” were the first words I heard at Ton Son Nut. It may have been Christmas but there was precious little Christmas spirit in the muggy heat of Saigon. I processed into the base Comm. Squadron as a radio maintenance troop and discovered the next day that the radio shop was overmanned by about 200 percent. When I returned to CBPO to see if there were any other radio jobs open, I was told that I had been sidelined to the Comm. Squadron by mistake...

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